Math Booster Approach


With the use of our worksheets, the programme will impart both the mathematical theory and application skills to your child in every lesson. This learning method allows students to excel in the concepts taught. Immediate application of concepts will fortify your child’s understanding.

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Heuristic Problem Solving Skills


Developed by ex-MOE teachers and PSLE markers, the distinctiveness of the Math Booster lies in its progressive and systematic (Matrix) method of classifying complex math problem sums to ensure effective and efficient learning, understanding and revision.

The framework of the Math Booster programme first organises questions by topics then by types, as math problems of similar types have same approaches and concepts. With this in mind, our worksheets are designed following this framework and will allow your child to apply his/her learning in a disciplined and repetitive manner. Mathematical concepts would be deep rooted in your child’s mind with the constant application.

Going through the Math Booster programme will help boost your child’s confidence nurturing him/her into an independent learner. Using these methods, we will be able to develop your child to his / her maximum potential!


The Maxtrix Method has successfully developed students’ mathematical ability.

All mathematical topics and concepts contain some ‘sub-topics’ and ‘sub-concepts’ that are usually mixed and combined by examiners to challenge your child. We simplify the problem solving process by classifying each topic and concept and teach your child to use the best solving methods for each mathematical problem.

The Maxtrix Method was developed based on extensive research on Singapore’s top primary school examination papers to understand how diverse concepts are applied and tested in problem sums. It was found that for every basic concept there will be many ‘sub-concepts’ that can be applied in a problem sum question to test your child’s understanding and ability. Take for an example, the basic concept of ‘Part & Whole’ contains more than 10 different ‘sub-concepts’ that can complicate the question, resulting in no one single method to solve questions of similar concept.

Identifying which appropriate method to use for each problem sum is challenging as concepts and sub-concepts can be tested in a variety of ways. To overcome this issue, we will teach your child to classify each concept and tag the best solving methods to it throughout the programme. Once your child has mastered topics and concepts of a field, he/she will be able to progress to the next level.



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