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This 6-hour Preparatory Workshop for GCE O level English Language (1128) will be focusing on Paper 2 Comprehension (35% weightage) and aims to equip students with skills to ace the exam.

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Students will be privy to how to master the Comprehension section. It is no big surprise that all the answers you need are in fact found in the texts. This workshop will get behind the scenes to reveal the examiner’s intention which will empower students to:

Paper 2
Capture the big picture easily Identify key sentences quickly Extract information decisively Satisfy all questions confidently

Visual Text:

(i) understand, decipher and explain the impact and effect of the language used by the author to evoke emotions and empathy

(ii) appreciate, decipher and explain how the author intended for the illustrations to enhance the main and secondary messages found in advertisements, promotional, informational and other graphical texts

(iii) identify and explain the key intentions of the author and the call to action.

Narrative Text

(i) understand, decipher and explain implicit meanings in narrative texts that deepen the plot and characters

(ii) appreciate, decipher and explain the figurative language used by the author to create imageries and realism

(iii) analyse, empathise and examine the moods and feelings of the characters implied through their actions, events and situations

Non-Narrative Text

(i) identify, state and explain the explicit and implicit evidence that is presented by the author

(ii) understand, analyse and draw logical conclusions that are stated or implied by the author

(iii) understand, identify and highlight the relevant points for summary writing according to the question


The trainer is a graduate of the National University of Singapore from the faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and a certified English language teacher. He has successfully coached a large number of students of all levels to achieve their personal best in both the GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels English papers in the past eight years. His students have made significant improvement through his guidance.


Date Time Venue Price

22 June 2017

9am – 4pm
(Inclusive of 1 hour lunch break)
Classroom 205,
YMCA Building
(Inclusive of GST)


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